Building Bridges Program

Building Bridges Program


Building Bridges Program on Social Services/Human Rights/Education

Phoenix, Arizona, September 20- November 1, 2019

The Fulbright Foundation in Greece will award up to two grants for the Building Bridges Program starting in September 2019 to Greek professionals in the fields of social work and NGO administration who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills by observing and interacting with colleagues in the United States. The Building Bridges Program is an initiative of the Council of International Programs USA (CIPUSA).

Building bridges among cultures has been the heart of CIPUSA programming from its inception. It strives to foster a better understanding of each other, our professions, and our communities. To help promote its mission, CIPUSA has developed the Building Bridges Program, a six-week professional development program under the Civil Society Theme: Social Services and NGO Administration. The program focuses on personal development, professional development, and community impact. In addition to fostering introspection and career development, the program aims to give participants the tools to better understand their host community in the U.S. and their own hometowns and to build a bridge to connect the two communities internationally.

While on the program, participants will be placed at a training site related to their field up to 32 hours a week where they will learn about the U.S.-side of their profession through observation, discussion, and some hands-on activities. For the remainder of each week, time will be put towards a comparable learning project, cultural/educational activities, and volunteerism. At the end of the program each participant will share what they have learned during the program with CIPUSA and the host community.

Application Deadline: May 1, 2019

Interviews: May 8, 2019

Els Siakos Hanappe, Greek Program Coordinator, Fulbright Foundation Greece, T 210 7241811-2 ext, 203, E

Council of International Fellowship Hellas (CIF Hellas)



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