Get Involved

Get Involved

Your Fulbright experience doesn’t have to end just because you returned home. There are many ways to stay involved and engaged with Fulbright Greece following the completion of your grant. Join the diverse and energetic Fulbright Alumni community.

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Extend your Fulbright Experience

Become a Fulbright Greece Mentor: Our Mentor–Mentee program offers U.S. and Greek alumni the opportunity to welcome, assist, and connect with new Fulbrighters to help them get the most out of their grant time. Fulbright Mentors can connect with their Mentees online or in person for informal meetings to introduce the grantee to local culture, provide insight on campus and/or academic life, and offer practical and logistical support.

Fulbright Greece will match a Mentor with a Mentee depending on the home and host institutions, areas of interest, and location.  If you are interested in becoming a Fulbright Mentor to an incoming grantee, please email the Greek Program Coordinator or the U.S. Program Coordinator with your location and subject area, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your interest.

Spread the Word

Become a Fulbright Greece Outreach Ambassador: Help us promote the Fulbright Scholarship Program and increase awareness about Fulbright opportunities in your academic, research and/or educational institution/environment, either in Greece or in the United States. Our goal is to reach out to the academic, educational, and artistic communities to spread the word about the different scholarship programs and to advise potential applicants. Fulbright Ambassadors assist with outreach and are a voice for the Fulbright Program. Fulbright Greece Outreach Ambassadors are selected every two years through invitations, recommendations and evaluations.

Click here to find Alumni Ambassadors in Greek institutions.

Contact the Greek Program Coordinator or the U.S. Program Coordinator if you are interested in becoming a future Fulbright Greece Outreach Ambassador at your institution or wish to learn more about this initiative.

Alumni Associations

Connect with fellow alumni through the Fulbright Associations in Greece:

Ένωση Υποτρόφων Fulbright – Association of Fulbright Scholars

Υπότροφοι Φούλμπραϊτ Βορείου Ελλάδος – Fulbright Scholars of Northern Greece

The International Exchange Alumni website helps participants of past and present U.S. government–sponsored exchange programs find tools to advance their efforts, build on their exchange experiences, and network with fellow alumni. Register online and take advantage of the grants and funding opportunities, professional development resources, the e-library of more than 20,000 online magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals—and participate in alumni-only competitions! You can also share news about your successful projects and celebrate the accomplishments of your fellow alumni around the world.

Photo Credit: U.S. Fulbright Scholar Catherine Rogers, Columbia University - (L to R) Tatiani Rapatzikou, Sig-Linda Jacobson, Matt Eck, Lauryn Jones, Daniel Ryan, and Derek McCracken display their material responses "Something to Hold on To."