Zoe Keramea, 1989-1990 Greek Fulbright Artists Program, Design for 70th Anniversary Logo Competition.
Fulbright Greece Celebrates


Fulbright Greece celebrated 70 years of educational and cultural exchanges between the Unites States and Greece in 2018.

Fulbright Greece
continues to celebrate the power of education. The strength of a global community. The value of mutual understanding.

Fulbright Greece in collaboration with other institutions organized a series of events celebrating its history and its mission. Events included lectures, conferences and educational activities. Watch Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan on 70 Years Fulbright Greece / ASCSA and Yannis Stournaras in conversation with academics on Education and Development.

Fulbright Greece collaborated with filmmaker, alumna Eirini Steirou and cinematographer Antonis Katrakazis to produce a series of portraits of U.S. and Greek scholars, who share their Fulbright experience. Access the links below and learn how the Fulbright experience changes lives, builds new bonds, spurs new thoughts, explores values, and creates unforgettable experiences.