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Emmanuel Aprilakis

Emmanuel Aprilakis

Rutgers University-New Brunswick, NJ
Ph.D. Candidate, Classics, 2021

CUNY Hunter College, New York, NY
B.A., Classical Studies, 2015

Emmanuel Aprilakis is a PhD candidate in the Department of Classics at Rutgers University. Chief among his scholarly interests is the study of ancient Greek drama and theater performance. This research has engendered his dissertation, titled “The Figure of the Koryphaios in Ancient Drama,” which endeavors to provide a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the position of the dramatic koryphaios or chorus-leader of a play. Growing out of a central aspiration of this dissertation, Emmanuel’s Fulbright project, “Traditions of the Ancient Theater Space,” seeks to combine close reading of ancient plays with firsthand exploration of Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman theater spaces across Greece and Bulgaria. Although he will be traveling widely over the course of his residency, Emmanuel will be based at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens while in Greece and is affiliated with both Sofia University and New Bulgarian University while in Bulgaria. 


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