The Iceland-Greece Joint Award for Arts and Design

The Iceland-Greece Joint Award for Arts and Design


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Activity Type
Professional Project, Research, Teaching, Teaching/Research

Award Activity This is an opportunity for creative individuals to gain inspiration from both the Arctic and the Mediterranean, creating and showcasing their art in both Greece and Iceland. The grant is open to all fields of art and design. Applications are welcome from visual artists, writers, poets, dancers, filmmakers, photographers, designers, musicians and other artists. Grantees will be expected to show their work or publish, depending on the field. Project proposals will be judged on recognized professional standing, portfolios (if applicable) and professional accomplishments. The grantee is encouraged to teach and/or mentor students in some capacity during the grant period.

Award Length and Period The grant is for a total of six months. It is offered jointly by Iceland and Greece, with 3 months to be spent in each country. The grant can start either in Greece or Iceland.  Grants should begin no earlier than September 1, 2025. Grants must be completed by end of June 2026. The grantee may go directly from one country to the other or return to the U.S. for a brief period in between visits to the two countries, as long as the grant is completed within the grant period.

Locations Detail Affiliation with any university, research organization, or other appropriate partners in Iceland and Greece.

Flex Option No

Disciplines Only applications in the following disciplines will be considered: Architecture, Art History, Arts,Creative Writing, Dance, Design,Drama/Theater, Fashion, Film/Cinema Studies and Music

Application Deadline September 16, 2024

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