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Terms and Conditions

The purpose of this web site is to provide information, educational services, and communication with the Fulbright Foundation’s Greece constituency to people in the United States and in Greece. All materials are protected under intellectual property law, in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek, EU and US Legislation. They are provided solely for personal and institutional purposes, and may not be distributed for commercial use. The user acknowledges that he has no right to reproduce, copy or commercially exploit in any way, any part of the content in fulbright.gr. The Fulbright Foundation - Greece reserves the right to pursue legal action for copyright infringement or other misuse of the content provided on fulbright.gr.

Fulbright Greece makes every effort to keep all its information resources accurate and up to date, but makes no warranties or representations regarding the information contained herein. All users therefore agree that all access and use of fulbright.gr and externally linked pages are at the user's own risk. External links are provided on an “as is” basis and should not be viewed as an endorsement of those websites or their content.

Neither Fulbright Greece nor any other party involved in the creation or delivery of fulbright.gr shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive, or similar damages arising out of access, use, or inability to use fulbright.gr or any interruptions, errors, or omissions in the content. The user specifically waives any and all claims they may have arising out of use of fulbright.gr

Privacy Statement

The United States Educational Foundation in Greece (also called the Fulbright Foundation in Greece) recognizes that your privacy is very important to you and that it is your right to control your personal information. We know that providing personal information is an act of trust and we take that trust seriously. The Fulbright Foundation in Greece will never sell, rent or otherwise disclose any of your personal information, including your email address, to any third party without your consent. Unless you give us specific consent to act otherwise, our privacy and data protection policies will govern how the Fulbright Foundation in Greece handles the personal information that you provide to us.

In Fulbright Greece we respect the personal data of each visitor to our website www.fulbright.gr. In this Notice, we describe in a simple and clear way, how we process your personal data which we either we collect from you or you give to us.

Please read carefully the following information (hereinafter: «Statement») in order to be informed about the way that we collect, store, use, transfer and protect the personal data we receive from you:

In General:

In view of our obligation to safeguard and protect your data data, GTP is bound to protect and use properly such data (hereinafter "personal data") that are being collected in the present website

During the process of your registration as User and subscriber to our Newsletter, we collect and process the following personal data:

Name, E-mail address

More specifically:

Α. Collection and purposes of use of the personal data

Collection of your personal data takes place only if you chose voluntarily to provide them of your own accord, for the purpose of registration to our Newsletter, so that you are kept informed of the Foundation’s activities.

Our ability to effectively communicate with you is necessary in order to continue sending you our Newsletter. Consequently, it is necessary, during your registration, that you provide us with correct and updated personal data that will be requested of you.

During your registration in our website, www.fulbright.gr, you consent to the storing and use of your personal data, in accordance to this Statement. We are allowed to process your personal data, in order to inform you about the Institute’s activities and sending you our Newsletter, pursuant to the law (article 6.1(a) and 6.1(f) of Regulation (ΕΕ) 2016/679). Your personal data are not used for purposes other than the ones described in this Statement.

The sole purpose for the collection and processing of your personal data is to keep you informed of the Foundation’s activities

Β. Access to personal data and rights

The personal data that you make known to Fulbright through our website, during your registration in our Newsletter, are collected and used in accordance with the legislation in place, relating to the protection of personal data; more specifically, in accordance with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (ΕΕ) 2016/679 as well as the rest of the applicable legislation on personal data protection.

More specifically, you have the following rights:

· The Right to be informed about your personal data: Following a relevant request from your end, we will provide you with information regarding the personal data we have of you.

· The Right to rectification of your personal data: If you notify us accordingly, we will rectify any inaccurate personal data relating to you.

· The Right to erasure of your personal data: Following your relevant request, we will erase the personal data that we have of you.

· The Right to revoke your consent: You may, at any time, revoke your consent for process of your personal data in the future. The legality of processing your data prior to this point will not be affected by this.

· The Right to object to the processing of your data: You may, at any time, object to the processing of your personal data.

C. Data Transfers

Fulbright Greece does not share or transfer your data to third parties, unless this is required for lawful professional purposes and business requirements, in order to respond to your requests and/if it is obliged to do so by law. In any case, access to your personal data is granted only to authorized personnel, in order to serve the purposes of their collection, use and processing, as described in the present Statement.

D. Data Security

Fulbright Greece employs specific procedures of technical and organizational security in order to safeguard personal data and information from any loss or bad use. Our associates, who support us in the maintenance of our website, also adhere to these procedures.

Fulbright Greece will retain your data only for as long as it is necessary in view of the purpose for which they were collected or until you request that they be erased, unless it is required to retain them by law.



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