Why Greece? Greece is a gateway to cultural, academic, and professional exchange

A growing number of U.S. students, scholars, and researchers select Greece as an educational destination. This is not surprising if one considers that for practically every subject there is a root in ancient Greece-be it medicine, science, mathematics, politics, theatre, music, history, sociology, archaeology, classics, literature, and more.

Greece is among the top study-abroad destinations for U.S. students taking the 8th place worldwide during academic year 2021-2022 (4.484 students).  Source: IIE Opendoors Data Leading Destinations

Read on to see why Greece could be where you may want to continue your studies and find out about the process involved.

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An academic locus

Since antiquity, Greece has been an emblem of cultural and historical depth; and its position at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa continues to ordain it as an epicenter of contemporary study. Greece offers rich and varied access to historical sites, museums, and academic Institutes to current and aspiring scholars of politics, archaeology, history, the classics, and more.

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Diversity of disciplines and opportunities

In addition to the extensive collection of resources for social science affiliates, Greece has a multitude of offerings for all academic disciplines. The country’s striking biodiversity makes it a natural focal point for scientific research while its budding information technology and startup industries are creating a hub of information exchange and advancement. In Greece, students will gain access to state of the art research facilities and networking opportunities.


Commitment to philoxenia

Philoxenia is the ancient Greek term for the concept of hospitality and one of the pillars of Greek culture. The notion of xenia is rooted in a commitment to being a gracious host, and extends this warm reception to strangers (xenos). From the bustling metropolises to the charming rural villages, the Greek culture is one which entices and captivates with each encounter. To study or pursue a professional course here is inextricably linked with the opportunity to be welcomed into traditions and relationships that will leave lasting impressions.

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Academic Programs

Visit the official Study in Greece Page: The Gateway to the Greek Academic World

Visit the Modern Greek Studies Association to find a list of Study Abroad Programs in Greece