Scholarships for U.S. Citizens

Scholarships for U.S. Citizens

Recruitment for all educational exchange programs is based on open, and fair national competition, and on individual merit and academic excellence. Transparency in the selection process is assured through clearly defined eligibility criteria and requirements. Fulbright Greece is fully committed to recognizing the inherent dignity and worth of every person, and to the provision of equal rights and opportunities.

Fulbright Greece awards scholarships for academic research and/or lecturing in all disciplines at various educational, cultural and research organizations in Greece.

Fulbright is much more than a scholarship - Fulbright gives scholars the opportunity to have a transformative cultural and academic experience and provides unrivalled support both during and after the Fulbright grant period. Receiving a Fulbright Award opens many doors and offers unparalleled global networking opportunities.

Please refer to the respective grant category to obtain application information and further details:

Fulbright Scholar Program
For scholars who wish to lecture and/or conduct research in Greece. Applicants must possess a doctoral or terminal degree in their field and secure an institutional affiliation in Greece. Grants are awarded for a period of three to four months in a variety of academic and professional fields.

Spain-Greece Joint Teaching/Research Award

Spain and Greece share historical and cultural links dating back to ancient times. These include the Sephardic Jewish community of Greece (with its Ladino language and musical traditions), as well as the renowned Renaissance painter Domenikos Theotokopoulos, better known as El Greco.  Comparative research projects on Greece and Spain may address current or historical issues, and/or specific fields of study.  History, culture or current social, economic and political issues are some of the areas that might be conducive to a comparative Fulbright approach.  Award activity is for conducting research and/or collaborating with colleagues at Spanish and Greek academic and research institutions; teaching, preferably at the graduate level; or a combination of both.  Activities may include presenting lectures, seminars and workshops as arranged by host institutions or the Fulbright Commissions.

The Iceland-Greece Joint Award on Economic Crisis Management
Reacting to economic upheaval: a comparative analysis of Greece, Iceland and the U.S. in the post-2008 era. The crash of 2008 had wide ranging effects on Greece, Iceland and the U.S., which each faced their own challenges based on different political, economic and societal realities. Each country had its own unique responses to the crisis, but there are lessons to be learned from comparing policy responses – legal, economic and/or societal. The grantee will do comparative research based on his or her area of expertise and also look forward to the lessons to be learned, not only by these three countries, but with reference to the wider international community in terms of future policymaking. Grantees may build on existing research that has already been done in the aftermath of the 2008 crash, but should undertake original research that adds to the current academic debate in a meaningful way. Publication and a wide dissemination of results is expected as a result of the grant. The award length is for a total of six months. It is offered jointly by Iceland and Greece, with 3 months to be spent in each country. The grant can start either in Greece or Iceland.

Fulbright Global Scholar Award
The Fulbright Global Scholar Award allows U.S. academics and professionals to engage in multi-country, trans-regional projects. As a truly worldwide award, U.S. scholars will be able to propose research or combined teaching/research activity in two to three countries with flexible schedule options; trips can be conducted within one academic year or spread over two consecutive years.

Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Research Program
The Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Research Program provides an opportunity for K–12 educators from the United States to conduct research and engage in other professional learning experiences abroad for three to six months. Fellows work on individual inquiry projects on a topic relevant to education in the United States and the host country, take courses at a host university, and collaborate with colleagues on educational practices to improve student learning.  At the completion of the Fulbright grant, teachers are expected to share the knowledge and experience gained in other countries with their students and colleagues in their home schools and communities. Greece is one of the countries participating in this Fulbright award program and hosts U.S. teachers at one or more Schools/Faculties of Education. Teachers in the program are called “Fulbright Distinguished Teachers”.

Fulbright Student Program
For students who wish to conduct independent research and hold either a Bachelor's or Master's degree and for Ph.D. candidates for dissertation research purposes. Applicants must secure an institutional affiliation in Greece. Grants are awarded for a period of nine months (academic program). Six-month grants will be considered for art projects and Ph.D. candidates. Grants are offered in all disciplines, with a special focus in Modern Greek Studies, Classics, Byzantine Studies, Archaeology, Arts and Cultural Studies, Business, Environmental Sciences, Jewish studies, Ethnic and Diaspora Studies.

Greece-Turkey Fulbright Joint Research Award
The joint award with the Turkish Fulbright Commission allows students to engage in trans-regional research and/or study.  Up to one award per academic year is open to candidates at all degree levels, but preference is given to Master’s and Ph.D. candidates.  Applications will be considered in the following fields related to Greece and Turkey: environmental studies, marine biology, disaster management and emergency preparedness, Classical, Byzantine, Ottoman studies, political science, social sciences, classical studies / archaeology, cultural policy, music and the arts, tourism (including eco- and agro-tourism). The award is for 9 months – grant will commence in Greece or Turkey depending on the project proposal.

Bulgaria-Greece Fulbright Joint Research Award
The joint award with the Bulgarian Fulbright Commission allows students to engage in trans-regional research and/or study.  Up to one award per academic year is open to candidates at all degree levels, but preference is given to Master’s and Ph.D. candidates.  Applications will be considered in all fields, with special emphasis on the following disciplines related to Bulgaria and Greece: archeology, history and art history (Antique, Byzantine, Ottoman and contemporary), Balkan studies, trans-border/emigration studies, economics, tourism (including eco- and agro-tourism), preservation of cultural heritage, political science, social sciences, classical studies, and the arts. The award is for 9 months – grant will commence in Bulgaria or Greece depending on the project proposal.

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program
Grants are available to recent graduates to serve as Teaching Fellows at the Athens College-Hellenic American Educational Foundation (HAEF) and act as young ambassadors, strengthening the ties between the Foundation and the United States, and providing a cross-cultural educational experience. The role of grantees includes infusing their culture, enthusiasm, ideas, language and knowledge into the school's community.  Grants are awarded for a period of 10.5 months.

Intercountry Lecturing Awards
The Fulbright Intercountry Lecturing Awards provide U.S. Fulbright scholars, while in Europe, with opportunities to enrich their professional and cultural experience through shorts visits for lecturing/collaboration outside their country of scholarship.

Fulbright Specialists Program
This short-term program awards grants for a period of two to six weeks. Fulbright Specialist activities are designed to provide US scholars and professionals in all disciplines with opportunities to collaborate with their professional counterparts at Greek institutions of higher education on curriculum and faculty development, institutional assessment and planning, as well as a variety of other activities.

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Scholarship recipients are announced annually during June – July and can be found on the Fulbright Scholarship Program Timeline which includes grants awarded since 1948.  

Additional Information
Fulbright grantees agree that their names and photographs taken in the context of their grant period / award or on the occasion of official events of the Fulbright Foundation can be used for publications of the U.S. Department of State and the Fulbright Foundation including social media postings and website postings and newsletter announcements.


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