Exchange isn’t a Year in your Life, it is a Life in a Year

Exchange isn’t a Year in your Life, it is a Life in a Year

The Fulbright Foundation in Greece offers an extensive scholarship program for Greek citizens who wish to study, lecture, conduct research or pursue professional development at an institution in the United States.

The Fulbright Scholarship Program for Greek Citizens for the academic year 2019-2020 has been fully uploaded onto the Foundation's website. One can find all program details, eligibility criteria, deadlines and other basic information for the 6 core Fulbright and SUSI scholarship programs. Registration and application periods started from September 2018 onward. Dates include registration and application cycles, interview days, and grant periods. Scholarships are granted under programs for Primary and Secondary School Educators, Graduate Students, Doctoral Students, Artists, and Visiting Scholars.

Fulbright Greece is proud to announce its inclusion in the Fulbright Distinguished Awards Program for U.S. and Greek Teachers. We welcomed the first incoming U.S. teachers in January 2018 and the first Greek teachers will be leaving in January 2019.

The Artist Residency at Santa Fe Art Institute proved to be a worthwhile and successful addition to the core Fulbright scholarship program. This is what Dafni Kalafati, the first participant from Greece, had to say:

The Santa Fe Art Institute is located in the outskirts of Santa Fe’s colonial downtown. The Institute itself is a building of unique architecture, combining elements of traditional adobe building style with a contemporary touch. Looking at the wider picture the Santa Fe Art Institute is located inside what used to be the Campus of the University of Art and Design of New Mexico. Now the University is moving away, and when I was there I found myself in the middle of the city’s creative conversation of what will be done with this amazing piece of land. Looking at the even bigger picture, the Santa Fe Art Institute is located in the State of New Mexico, in the Southwestern corner of the U.S. Having said that, the geopolitics of the region hide a unique “enchantment”, combining native history, “entradas” from the Hispanic conquistadors, atomic bombs testing in the laboratories of Los Alamos, and stories “South of the Border” related with the contemporary immigration from Central America. New Mexico, right next to the US- Mexico Border is a place of immense imagination and possibility where the arid semi-desert landscape in combination with the high attitude of the Colorado Plateau, create some of the most amazing skies a man can look at on earth.

An ideal place for artists, writers, and creative scholars of any kind, the people, the multi-colorful culture, the vibrant art scene and the natural landscape shall give immense inspiration and food for thought to anybody spending time there. The SFAI residency every year has a different theme, around which lots of parallel events are being organized and round tables with the participation of the lively Santa Fe community. The SFAI staff and the other fellow local residences slowly become your family, and together with them you embark on an amazing journey of co-creation and at the same time of personal development. The workspace and the studios have all the needed amenities, and the communal kitchen and living room is a multi-cultural paradise of flavors.