Lecture series Fulbright Alumni Leaders for Society

Lecture series Fulbright Alumni Leaders for Society

Lecture series Fulbright Alumni Leaders for Society, a stand-out initiative demonstrating the alumni association's commitment to leadership and societal impact, in partnership with Institute of International Relations (IDIS), Greece's premier research institute for international affairs.

Launched on March 5, 2024, the lecture series was inaugurated with an engaging discussion featuring Fulbright alumna Alexandra Papadopoulou, now Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and journalist Eleni Varvitsioti. The event started with welcome remarks from IDIS Executive Director Ino Afentouli and the program was introduced by IDIS Director and President of the Board, Professor Kostas Yfantis; President of the Association of Fulbright Scholars in Greece (Alumni) Professor Vicki Kouskouna; and Fulbright Foundation Executive Director Artemis A. Zenetou. Deputy Minister Papadopoulou brings a unique perspective shaped by her experiences abroad that informs her diplomatic approach and global engagement. The event, hosted by IDIS in the historic neighborhood of Plaka, drew nearly 80 attendees, including alumni, academics, diplomats, and students.

The Fulbright Alumni Leaders for Society lecture series provides a platform for distinguished alumni to share their insights, expertise, and vision on pressing global challenges. Through this lecture series, the association aims to catalyze meaningful dialogue, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and empower alumni to drive positive change in their respective fields. The initiative is organized in collaboration with IDIS, Greece's premier research institute of international affairs.

Alumni associations foster a sense of community among alumni, providing networking opportunities and avenues for continued engagement. The alumni association in Greece, founded in 1978, was among the first to be established internationally and was the first in Europe.  A trailblazer in this regard, setting a precedent for alumni involvement and action in promoting the importance of international education and cultural exchange in building a more interconnected and harmonious world, the association is an important partner supporting the work of the Fulbright Foundation.

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