Sustaining the Future — Fulbright Greece’s Commitment to Greening the Path

Sustaining the Future — Fulbright Greece’s Commitment to Greening the Path

Fulbright Greece actively supports sustainable development and environmental goals, and we are excited to announce that we received an award at the Green Brand Awards ceremony held in Athens on March 21, 2023. The Green Brand Awards, established in 2020, aim to recognize and promote the exceptional efforts of individuals and organizations in Greece who are dedicated to building a more environmentally friendly future.

Professor Constantina Skanavis, Chair of the Green Awards Committee, emphasizes that the Green Brand Awards provide a crucial platform for sustainability intelligence, leadership, and innovation in the best green practices in Greece. These awards not only honor innovative green projects and individuals, but also attract international attention and recognition by showcasing the awarded achievements. Professor Skanavis's expertise and leadership in sustainability greatly contribute to the success of the awards, ensuring that deserving projects and individuals receive recognition for their remarkable contributions to green practices.

In this context, Fulbright Greece has received an honorary award for its outstanding support of young scholars in the field of Environmental Studies, including food science and nutrition, agriculture, forestry, energy studies, oceanography/marine studies, healthcare/public health, ecology/evolutionary biology, environmental engineering and design, and water resources management. Our dedication to fostering environmental education and nurturing young talent in the field has had a profound influence on safeguarding public health and promoting a way of life that respects and values all living beings on our planet.

Green Brand AwardsFrom left to right: Professor Areti Lagiou - University of West Attica School of Public Health , Fulbright staff member Angie Fotaki, Fulbright Exective Director Artemis Zenetou, Professor Constantina Skanavis - University of West Attica School of Public Health

Fulbright Executive Director Artemis Zenetou remarked at the Green Awards:
“The Green Awards contribute to the strengthening of environmental awareness and remind us of our responsibility towards future generations. This responsibility is at the core of the Fulbright Foundation's values, which it has upheld for 75 years through its work in the field of education via the Scholarship Program. This award reflects on the entire scientific community of Fulbright scholars for their work on environmental and sustainable development issues and beyond. We are proud of this recognition, and together with other Green Award honorees, we will continue our efforts for a better and more sustainable future.”

Furthermore, Fulbright Greece has been actively promoting sustainable practices within the Fulbright community. Building on our work in implementing green initiatives, Fulbright Greece has taken the lead in discussions with other Fulbright Commissions to establish a Green Fulbright policy. Through open dialogues and knowledge-sharing sessions, we aim to guide the implementation of energy-efficient technologies, waste reduction, and the promotion of eco-friendly practices. In addition to practices that have been in place for many years at Fulbright, like recycling/reducing waste, transitioning from paper to digital archives, and incorporating sustainability into pre-departure orientations, we are continually reviewing and looking for ways to remain informed and apply best practices toward that direction.

Train the Trainers
Reusable cups sponsored by the Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation for the Fulbright Train the Trainers Meeting and Workshop 2022

Finally, Fulbright Greece and Georgetown University have teamed up to offer a partnership award to a Greek graduate student pursuing a Master of Science in Environmental and Sustainability Management. This groundbreaking collaborative degree program integrates scientific expertise with business acumen, empowering students to effectively address imminent environmental challenges and actively contribute to the creation of a sustainable future.

Let's work together to build a greener tomorrow.

Photo Credit: Film Seed Festival, Tinos Island, October 15-17, 2022 ©HYPERCOMF including Fulbright Artist Paola Palavidi,
The Film Seed Festival was developed during the S+T+ARTS residency commissioned by Onassis Stegi Cultural Center in partnership with Agenso and in collaboration with ACT4ENERGY - Democritus University of Thrace Spin-off.