Fulbright Greece Virtual Exchanges

Fulbright Greece Virtual Exchanges

The current academic transition to online learning provides new and exciting opportunities! The Fulbright Foundation in Greece contributes to this transformation with the Fulbright Greece Virtual Exchanges initiative that proposes to Greek faculty members to host a U.S. Alumni Fulbright Scholar in one or more of their classes to give specialized lectures to their students.  We welcome suggestions both from potential Greek hosts and from interested U.S. Alumni Fulbright Scholars for future virtual collaborations.

We kick off in fall 2020 with a first series on Political Science:

csm Cox Photo2019 ef392e12e5  sotiropoulos photo sept 2011

Prof. John K. Cox                       Prof. Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens -  Master’s Degree Program in Southeast European Studies will host Professor John K. Cox  as invited speaker in fall 2020 semester. In a series  of three virtual lectures (October – November 2020) organized by the Fulbright Foundation in Greece, Professor Cox will give his lectures in the context of the comparative politics course, titled Political Change, offered by Professor Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos.

Dr. John K. Cox is a Professor and Head of the Department of History, Philosophy and Religuous Studies at North Dakota State University, who has published a widely-acclaimed History of Serbia (Greenwood Press, 2002). He is a former Rotary scholar in Hungary, and a Fulbright fellow in Austria and Slovenia. He speaks Serbo-Croatian, Slovene, German, and several other languages of the region.

Professor Cox’s lectures will focus on the historical antecedents of the transition to democracy in the Balkans in the late twentieth century and the evolution of post-communist Balkan regimes, including the break-up of Yugoslavia.


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