Business Partners celebrates the Fulbright Program

Business Partners celebrates the Fulbright Program

Business Partners, the bi monthly publication of the American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce celebrates the Fulbright Program! 71 years of educational and cultural exchanges. Its 2019 Summer issue entitled Thought Leaders  features representatives of top academic institutions as well as Fulbright alumni. Education experts discuss the importance of being able to unlearn and relearn and to think creatively, unconventionally and resourcefully. They also ask a number of critical questions: How can educators cultivate the ability to look at things from new perspectives, differently from the way teachers and students typically look at things? How can we encourage students to approach learning with a different mindset and a new outlook and stimulate independent learning that results in comprehending rather than parroting the subject? How can students learn how to access and process information and then apply that knowledge and understanding through problem solving?


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