Art Supports Education – Fulbright at  i-D PROJECTART

Art Supports Education – Fulbright at i-D PROJECTART

The Fulbright Foundation and Fulbright Artists Alumni, in collaboration with i-D ProjectArt, invite you to support the Fulbright Scholarship Program by acquiring a work of art. All proceeds will benefit the Fulbright Scholarship Program. The “Art Supports Education – Fulbright Alumni Art Series” is an initiative that began in 2009. In recognition of the fundamental role of education, Fulbright artist alumni donate their works in support of the Fulbright Scholarship Program.

Art Supports Education – Fulbright Alumni Art Series – Fulbright POLYMORPHIA

THE FULBRIGHT FOUNDATION at i-D ProjectArt, 2 November - 7 December 2019
i-D Concept Stores, 12 Kanari & Sekeri Street, Kolonaki, Athens

Newsletter OCT 2019 XVIII

This year’s series, “Fulbright POLYMORPHIA”, aims to highlight the diversity (polymorphia) of expression that characterizes the contemporary visual art scene and the arts in general, an element that is firmly supported by the Fulbright Artist Program.

The artists’ critical thinking and creative exploration of new or even unconventional approaches, forms and concepts can activate new perspectives on various social issues from social cohesion to sustainability and provide valuable tools through which we could better understand our contemporary, multicultural/polymorphic and ever-changing world, thus fostering social empathy.

Participating Artists:

Erieta Attali, Dora Economou, Efi Chalikopoulou, Leonidas Chalepas, Titina Chalmatzi, Sofia Dona, Fotis Flevotomos, Elias Kafouros, Pygmalion Karatzas, Diane Katsiaficas, Zoe Keramea, Apostolos Kilessopoulos, Sia Kyriakakos, Pelagia Kyriazi, Maria Letsiou, Ioannis Michalou(di)s, Eleni Mylonas, Dimitris Papaioannou + Marilena Stafylidou, Lambros Papanikolatos, Vangelis Pliarides, Loukia Richards, Fotis Sagonas, Alex Simopoulos, Georgios Taxidis, Antonis Theodoridis, Angeliki Chaido Tsoli, Giorgios Tzinoudis, Costas Varotsos, Nikolas Ventourakis, Adonis Volanakis, Kristina Williamson, Zafos Xagoraris, Yiorgis Yerolymbos, Sotos Zachariadis, Theodoros Zafeiropoulos

The Fulbright Alumni Art Series comprises original works, limited edition silkscreens, prints and photographs. You can view the complete series on the Foundation's website.