Rochelle Lynnette Darville

Rochelle Lynnette Darville


Secondary School Teacher of Science and Social Sciences, West St. John High School, Edgard, Louisiana

In working with mentor/advisor Spyros Doukakis of the Ionian University Informatics Department, Rochelle had the excellent opportunity to meet Marios Magioladitis, a Mathematics and STEM teacher who oversees the Tech Lab at Corfu. There she learned about the informal opportunities Marios is doing to promote STEM education. Rochelle then visited Kanalia Primary School, where she learned about tsiknopempti (Τσικνοπέμπτη, also known as Charred Thursday or Barbecue Thursday), which is a day where Greeks eat meat before entering the Lent season. The afternoon was spent with teachers from the school to celebrate Charred Thursday formally.

Rochelle is currently working on a Ph. D in Science and Mathematics Education at Southern University A&M College.  As a Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching recipient, Rochelle hopes to gain pedagogical skills, techniques and strategies from Greek educators on how to engage multi-cultural learners in STEM. She hopes to use the knowledge gained through her inquiry experience to teach other teachers how to use cultural and historical artifacts to engage learners in STEM education.

Rochelle Lynnette Darville is a Fulbright Alumnus of the 2021-2022 Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program


 Picture of Marios and Rochelle at the Tech Lab in the National Library in Corfu