Nikolaos Tripolitsiotis

Nikolaos Tripolitsiotis


Fulbright Pre-Academic Program*, University of Central Florida at Orlando

Not only have I settled in Orlando but the pre-academic program has already started and I have made great friends with amazing interests. Most participants hail from South America, Africa and Asia. In their eyes, I see people who smile with admiration whenever they hear about Greece. Florida and Orlando seem very tropical and every time we leave the hotel it feels like a brand new adventure.

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) provides funding for orientation and pre-academic programs, an integral component of its Fulbright Foreign Student Program. Foreign Student Program grantees may participate in a Pre-Academic Program and/or a Gateway Orientation before their academic program. These programs aim to maximize the Fulbright exchange experience by providing grantees with:

• Intro to U.S. graduate school life/culture
• Intro to cultural awareness & U.S. culture
• Intro to Fulbright program, goals, student responsibilities
• Opportunity to develop Fulbright identity & grow network