Konstantine John Rountos

Konstantine John Rountos


State University of New York, Stony Brook, Oceanography

“...This experience has been the most significant professional experience in my young career. It is not often that graduate students are able to conduct independent research projects based on only their research interests. I have had this tremendous opportunity and have used it to my full potential. This fellowship has been a major stepping stone in my pursuit of becoming a college professor and environmental advocate. This Fulbright year has also been very important to me personally. Since I was a child I have always wanted to be able to give something back to the country of my ancestors, just as my grandparents always did...”

“...Living in Hellas has also given me a very different perspective on how daily life and attitudes are. I have spent countless days thinking about how the modern Hellenic society is and once I begin to grasp an idea a new experience throws my thoughts into question. What I do know is that Hellenic society is complicated but is also beautiful...”

Summer of 2017 - Fulbright experience in Greece leads to new Study Abroad Program by Alum

Fulbright US Alum to Greece, Konstantine Rountos ('07), has returned 10 years after his grant with a group of 13 students participating in a Study Abroad program through St. Joseph's College, New York. Dr. Rountos is an Assistant Professor of Biology at St. Joe's who along with Prof. Tina Ferro organized a 12 day program in Greece for US undergraduate students studying field ecology, hospitality, and tourism management. The program, titled "The Odyssey", took students to a variety of islands ranging in levels of tourism, including Santorini, Mykonos, and Southern Evia. Students experienced the major tourist areas and archeological site while also getting to experience "authentic" Greek life and the natural beauty of Karystos, Evia. Students explored marine, freshwater, and mountain ecosystem and assessed the potential for ecotourism in Greece. The students blogged about their cultural and scientific experiences on the St. Joe's biology facebook page (SJCNY Biology). Says Rountos, "We were thrilled to have been able to expose US students to an authentic Hellenic experience, after all, it is only by exploring other cultures that we grow in truly understanding them ." He adds, "hopefully this experience will motivate students to apply for a Fulbright grant or explore other study abroad programs in the future."

Konstantine John Rountos is a Fulbright Alumnus of the 2007-2008 Open Study/Research Student Program