Jerolyn Morrison

Jerolyn Morrison


Promoting and preserving the culinary history of the Aegean

Dr. Jerolyn E. Morrison (U.S. Fulbright Student Program 2006–2007) is a Minoan archaeologist and potter with a passion for cooking in ceramic pots. She is the founder of Minoan Tastes (, a social-minded enterprise in Greece that promotes the culinary history of the Aegean by working with a network of food and craft experts and scholars. This multidiscipline approach to food and culture was developed out of the desire to present scientific knowledge in a more tangible way so that people today can better understand life in the past. When Jerolyn is not cooking in ceramic pots, she is recording other people’s food stories and publishing various archaeological topics from international trade to domestic life. Since 1997, she has participated as a Minoan ceramics expert in Crete and Kos on archaeological projects under the auspices of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, the British School at Athens, Scuola Italiana Statale di Atene, and the Greek Ministry of Culture. Currently, she lives most of the year in Crete.

Living and working in Greece is fulfilling, because here Dr. Morrison can integrate and hone her skills to include cultural heritage topics that encourage advocacy. Her desire to seek ambassadorial partnerships within the community is a direct result of her experience as a Fulbright Scholar in Greece. She is truly grateful to the Fulbright Foundation for establishing her professional course in this direction. Beyond assisting in building her foundation, her initial Fulbright experience helped fit the pieces of Greek life together into a complete picture. This support and knowledge was critical to Dr. Morrison’s success, because it provided a strong cultural context and positive international community of like-minded individuals.