Carly Janvier Rousseau

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Crime and Justice/Psychology
2016-2017 English Teaching Fellows - Hellenic American Educational Foundation

My Fulbright year was a year that changed me forever.  It was a year filled with growing, learning, and excitement. Throughout the year, I was able to see the essence of the Greek spirit; a love for life and genuine kindness that must be witnessed because words can’t describe it.  This essence slipped itself into my life, making me a kinder, stronger, better person.

Both the Fulbright program and HAEF offered a foundation to stand on as I found myself growing and adapting throughout the year. It was a home away from home, allowing me to create a home for myself in Athens.  Through the Fulbright program, I was able to be a cultural ambassador for my country, while learning about another culture and expanding my mind.  The year might be over, but the lessons I learnt and memories I made will be with me forever!

Carly Rousseau


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