Study in the United States on an Athletic Scholarship: Recorded Version Now Online!

Study in the United States on an Athletic Scholarship: Recorded Version Now Online!

On Tuesday, March 23 at 6 PM Greece
the Fulbright EducationUSA Advising Centers from France and Greece
organized a joint Thematic Advising Session on
Study in the United States on an Athletic Scholarship,
addressed to French and Greek high school students and parents.
Special guests included
Elizabeth Thompson, Associate Director of International Outreach and Strategic Partnerships at NCAA-National Collegiate Athletic Association,
Bora Dimitrov, Special Assistant to the Office of Advancement at St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY, and
Alizee, former student athlete at St. Francis College.
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Did you know:

  • Athletic scholarships cover a wide but selected range of sports and offer talented students financial incentives for representing their university at the varsity level.
  • You must meet the academic requirements of an athletic association to be eligible.
  • University level sports are governed by athletic associations, who set the rules regarding scholarships and athletic recruitment. If a university isn’t a member of an athletic association, it is very unlikely that they have sports scholarships available. Each athletic association will have its own eligibility criteria for international students.
  • You will have to register with the correct athletic association as well as applying to the university as a regular student. If you meet the association’s eligibility requirements and are a top athlete, sometimes the university will waive some of their requirements.
  • US athletic recruitment at the university level is highly competitive. The sooner you start the process and the more time you put in, the more likely you are to achieve your goal. You can follow a do-it-yourself route, contacting individual university coaches to inform them of your interest in their sport and to demonstrate your talent.

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