Short Term Programs

Short Term Programs

Fulbright Specialists Program

The Fulbright Specialist Program provides short-term grants of two to six weeks to US faculty and professionals to enable them to collaborate with professional counterparts on curriculum and faculty development, institutional planning and a variety of other activities in host countries.

The purpose of this program is to advance mutual understanding, establish long-term cooperation and create new opportunities for institutional linkages.  For details and how to apply please visit

Eligibility requirements
The Fulbright Specialist Program is open to qualified U.S. scholars and professionals. For eligibility requirements and a list of approved fields please visit Fulbright Specialists - Eligibility and Fields

Specialists need to apply to be placed on a Specialist roster administered by World Learning on behalf of the US Department of State, Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau.

Academic institutions in Greece need to apply to the Fulbright Program in Greece, to make a request for a specialist. Applications can be made throughout the calendar year. It is advisable to apply four months or more ahead of the proposed visit dates.

Grant benefits
The award covers international airfare and a per diem for the specialist. Host institutions are required to cover accommodation, meals and domestic travel costs. Please visit for more information on this program.


Overview and Guidelines

The Fulbright Intercountry Lecturing Awards provides US scholars while in Europe with opportunities to enrich their professional and cultural experience outside of their country of assignment.

The Fulbright Foundation in Greece participates in the Intercountry Lecturer Awards, which provides Greek institutions an opportunity to invite Fulbright grantees from nearby countries in Europe to lecture in Greece.

The United States Educational Foundation in Greece (The Fulbright Foundation) will offer up to three Intercountry Lecturing grants for the 2018-2019 academic year. The final number may change, according to demand and funding.

The Intercountry Lecturing grants provide for regional visits of 2-4 days, by US Fulbright Scholars, to lecture and or conduct seminars or workshops in a nearby country that has a Fulbright Program. These visits are designed to foster international academic networking and promote professional development.

Intercountry Lecturing grants can be awarded to (A) US Fulbright grantees who are in Greece to make short visits to nearby European countries, and to (B) US Fulbright grantees who are in nearby European countries to make short visits to Greece.

(A) Grant benefits (for US Fulbright grantees located in Greece to lecture in nearby European countries)

  • To be arranged jointly by the Fulbright Commission and host institution in the destination country

Eligibility requirements (criteria)

  • U.S. citizenship
  • Receipt of Fulbright grant at the time of application
  • A letter of invitation from a recognized institution of higher learning outside Greece with specific dates and full details of the proposed research/lecture project, and details of possible cost sharing of the project by the host institution

(B) Grant benefits (for US Fulbright grantees to lecture in Greece)

  • The Fulbright Foundation in Greece will cover round-trip airfare, lodging and will provide a flat amount for local transportation and incidentals

Eligibility requirements (criteria)

  • U.S. citizenship
  • Receipt of Fulbright grant at the time of application
  • A letter of invitation from a recognized institution of higher learning in Greece with specific dates and full details of the proposed research/lecture project, and details of possible cost sharing of the project by the host institution

Application procedure and deadline

There is no specific deadline for application to this program. Invitations are accepted throughout the academic year and applications from interested Fulbright grantees will be processed and handled as they are received.  However, all awards must take place during the regular academic year, that is, October 1 – June 30.  All requests for an Intercountry Lecturing award opportunity require a minimum of two months advance notice.


Greek Summer Seminar

Greece Summer Classics Program 2013*

*Provided for informational purposes. This program is currently inactive

Application Deadline: January 15, 2013
Number of Grants: 4 full grants will be awarded

Procedure: Interested applicants will need to apply for these grants directly with the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA). Fulbright Greece will grant up to 4 (four) full grants upon the recommendation of the ASCSA.
For instructions on how to apply with the ASCSA please follow link below:

Overview: A brief overview of the program and related benefits follow. For specifics you must visit

Level/Subject: Middle and high school teachers or college professors in the humanities and social studies or subjects that touch on the Greek world. A minimum of 3 years of teaching experience is required

Language Proficiency: Greek is not required, but some ability useful. English will be the language of the seminar

Itinerary: This physically demanding program visits between 75-100 archaeological sites and museums throughout Greece. Two site reports are required. These can be prepared in Athens using the facilities of the American School of Classical Studies. ASCSA does not grant credit, but an optional paper or exam allows the possibility for obtaining academic credit at the participant's university

Program Content: The program is a 6-week intensive seminar designed to deepen knowledge of the topography, archaeology, and monuments of Greece from ancient to modern times. Participants will learn how ancient sources and modern scholarship may be used to interpret archaeological discoveries

Grant Benefits
Tuition Award: The grant will pay tuition for the grantees at the American School of Classical Studies which also covers partial room and board and all program related travel within Greece.

Transportation Award: Round-trip economy airfare from airport nearest grantee's home. The maximum amount provided will be 1,800 U.S. Dollars. Any costs beyond this will need to be covered by grantee.

Other Allowances: Each grantee will receive a small cash stipend to cover miscellaneous expenses. Additional personal expenses will need to be covered by grantee.

Hotel accommodation: One or two nights of hotel accommodation will be provided immediately prior to the official start of the program and at the conclusion (if necessary for participants departing the next day).

Medical/Accident Insurance Coverage: All participants are required to present their own medical/accident insurance coverage which will cover them for their duration of their stay in Greece. If that is not available, the grant will cover up to 400 U.S. dollars per participant to purchase his/her own policy for the duration of their program. Participants will need to purchase these plans in advance and be reimbursed with proof of purchase.

Dependents: Not permitted.

Requirements for grantees and special notes

  • Valid U.S. Passport for Duration of Stay in Greece

(Program duration is six weeks; grantees may remain in the country upon completion of their program for vacation and/or research purposes but any additional costs will be born on them. In addition, the absolute maximum duration of stay may not exceed a total of 90 days from the day of arrival in Greece or the Schengen Treaty area and will need to depart before or on the 90th day. Under no circumstances, shall Fulbright Greece assist with the issuance of resident permits or assume responsibility for the participants if they exceed the 90-day stay in Greece or the Schengen Area).

  • Participation at Events Hosted by the Fulbright Foundation in Greece

Participants are required to take part at a working luncheon with Greek educators hosted by the Fulbright Foundation in Greece on June 17th, 2013.

Supported and funded by: The Fulbright Foundation in Greece

For ASCSA applications contact:
Professor Christina Salowey, Chair
Committee on the Summer Sessions
American School of Classical Studies at Athens
6-8 Charlton Street
Princeton, NJ 08540-5232


Summer Fulbright Hays Cultural Enrichment Seminar

The Summer Fulbright-Hays Cultural Enrichment Seminar*

*Provided for informational purposes. The program is not currently offered in the region

The program provides short-term study and travel seminars abroad for U.S. educators in the social sciences and humanities for the purpose of improving their understanding and knowledge of the peoples and cultures of other countries. Support is generally made available through interagency agreements. The Department of Education transfers funds through the State Department to Fulbright commissions in various countries to pay the costs associated with administering seminars. This partnership allows the program to use the services and expertise of binational organizations to plan and conduct seminars for U.S. educators.

The "Seminar" offers a unique experience of professional and personal enrichment, leading

to a better understanding of the collaborating countries' histories, culture and peoples and acts as a forum for the development of new international educational projects and collaborations.

Each summer, a limited number of Fulbright-Hays Seminar awards are granted to exceptional educators representing all disciplines, offering the opportunity to travel to various countries, learn about a new culture through immersion, and build a new curriculum unit.

Participants are introduced to the host countries' history and culture and experience contemporary life through visits to archaeological sites, schools, nature reserves, museums and cultural centers. Visits are combined with lectures by professional staff tied in with the educational, political, cultural and historical significance of the places visited.

To date Fulbright Greece has hosted the program three times in collaboration with the Commissions of the following countries:

Summer 2005 - "Education Through Culture," a joint program with the Fulbright Commission in Cyprus. American Educators Discover Greek and Cypriot Culture

Summer 2008 – "Education Through Culture," a joint program with the Fulbright Commission in Bulgaria. American Educators Discover Greek and Bulgarian Culture

Summer 2011 – "Building Bridges Across the Aegean," a joint program with the Fulbright Commission in Turkey. American Educators Discover Greek and Turkish Culture

For more on the "Seminar" please refer to


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