Study of the U.S. Institutes for Secondary School Educators

Study of the U.S. Institutes for Secondary School Educators

For secondary school educators involved in the teaching of English and professionals and administrators in curriculum development, teacher training and textbook writing.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - Friday, December 6, 2019
No applications will be accepted beyond December 6, 2019 at midnight EET

The Fulbright Foundation in Greece will award up to two grants (depending on available funding) to Greek secondary school educators and administrators to attend the 2020 Study of the United States Institutes. The Study of the United States Institutes are five-week academic programs designed for secondary school educators involved in the teaching of English, as well as professionals in curriculum development, teacher training, or textbook writing. It provides multinational groups of 20 experienced secondary school educators each with a deeper understanding of U.S. society, education, and culture, - past and present.

Through a combination of traditional, multi-disciplinary, and interdisciplinary approaches, program content will examine the history and evolution of U.S. institutions and values, broadly defined. The programs will also serve to illuminate contemporary political, social, and economic debates in American society. The four-week academic residencies will take place at U.S. universities and colleges campuses and will consist of a balanced series of lectures, panels, seminar discussions, readings, workshops, site visits, meetings with practitioners in the field, and cultural activities. One-week study tours to a different region of the United States will complement the academic residencies. One goal of the study tours is to showcase the cultural, geographic, and ethnic diversity of the United States. The program features curriculum based on the study of how America’s foundations and historical development have shaped and continue to inform U.S. politics, economics, and society. A key cultural component of the program involves community service activities, which will provide participants with a first-hand experience of how volunteerism plays a vital role in U.S. civil society. The program will offer multiple opportunities for follow-on engagement through alumni webinars, grant-funded follow-on projects, social media, and an alumni workshop at the end of the three-year award period.

The Institute’s ultimate goal is to improve the quality of teaching and strengthen the development of curricula about the United States in educational institutions and school systems outside the United States. It supports activities that recognize and promote the critical relationship between educational exchange and international understanding, in addition to the intellectual merit of the projects. Applications with broad multiplier effects are welcome, conducive to candidates’ sharing of their experiences and knowledge with colleagues and students in the host country (US) and upon return, in Greece.

Candidates are selected on the basis of academic excellence, potential for professional development, civic engagement, extra-curricular activities, and personal qualities/abilities to serve as a cultural ambassador for Greece. All awards are subject to the Fulbright Foundation policies in compliance with the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB) guidelines and all governmental regulations regarding visas, immigration, travel and residence.

  • Greek citizenship. Candidates with dual citizenship (U.S./Greek) or permanent residence in the United States are not eligible.
  • A degree from a recognized Greek University (AEI).
  • A high level of academic achievement, as indicated by academic grades, awards, and recommendations.
  • Assignment in the Greek public school system at the secondary education level. Primary school teachers can apply if they have extensive experience and training in secondary school education.
  • From three to maximum ten years of related professional teaching experience.
  • Excellent command of the English language.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who are mid-career and are under the age of 45 at the time of application.
  • Priority will be given to applicants with virtually no prior experience in the United States and to those who are just beginning to teach about the United States.
  • Priority will be given to candidates who have firm plans to enhance, update or develop courses and/or educational materials with a U.S. studies focus or component, who have limited recent first-hand academic experience in the United States and who have a special interest in the program subject areas as demonstrated through past teaching, accomplishments and professional duties.

The Institutes are fully funded, with all participant costs covered, including:

  • Tuition fees, maintenance allowance and incidental expenses.
  • Domestic travel, ground transportation for campus visits during the program, housing and meal arrangements will be provided in the United States by the host institutions.
  • Round-trip airfare for international travel from your hometown to destination.
  • Limited health and accident insurance (for recipient only). All participants will receive the Department of State's health insurance coverage (A+SPE) · of $100,000 per illness or per injury with $25 co-pay per medical visit, $75 co-pay per emergency entry or hospitalization for the duration of the program. Pre-existing conditions are not covered.
  • Pre-Departure Orientation.
  • Participation in the Annual Awards Ceremony.
  • Fulbright Certificate of Award.
  • J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa sponsorship.
  • Membership in the online global community for all participants of U.S. government sponsored exchange programs (such as the Fulbright program). International Exchange Alumni website
  • Invitations for participation in Outreach and Train the Trainers Programs.

International travel will be arranged by the Fulbright Foundation. If the participant withdraws from the program at any time without prior authorization s/he agrees to reimburse the program for any expenses accrued, including costs for air transportation and accommodation.

  • Submission of a complete application package to the Greek Program Coordinator at the Fulbright Foundation in Athens is mandatory.
  • A first evaluation and selection will take place at the Foundation prior to the interviews, based on the requirements and aims of the SUSI program.
  • A Fulbright Selection Committee will interview shortlisted candidates, in person, on specific dates. Shortlisted candidates will be informed of their interview appointment with the Selection Committee by email. Interviews take place at the Fulbright Foundation in Athens. Interviews last for about 15 to 20 minutes. Interviews are conducted in English and physical presence is mandatory. SKYPE or email interviews will not be considered.
  • Candidates will be informed of their nomination status on the day following the end of the interview cycle. Candidates will be designated as ‘primary’, ‘alternate’, or ‘non-selected’. Alternate candidates remain on standby until review and finalization of the overall budget.
  • Participants are expected to complete the entire five-week academic program and are expected to attend all lectures and organized activities and to complete assigned readings. Due to the intensive nature of the program, family members or guests cannot be accommodated.
  • Teaching methodology and pedagogical techniques will not be addressed in the Institute programs. Since the program is very intensive, there will be little time for personal pursuits unrelated to the program.
  • The Institute should not be viewed as a research program, although there will be some time allocated for independent research.
  • Participants will be given the option of travelling after the end of their program during the thirty day grace period of the J-1 visa. Travel will be approved only if participants pay all applicable change fees, and provide Fulbright with proof of health insurance coverage for the additional time they will be in the U.S. and their post-program itinerary, including their contact information while traveling and their return flight information to their home country. Post-program travel is considered personal time and the participant is solely responsible for financial coverage and all further practical arrangements.
  • Fulbright grant recipients must travel on a J-1 visa sponsored by the Fulbright Program. It is a condition of the visa that, after completion of the academic program, scholars must return to Greece and reside there for two years before being eligible to immigrate or apply for permanent residence or a work permit in the United States. The purpose of the two-year home residency requirement is to ensure that exchange visitors return to their home country and fulfill the exchange objectives of the Fulbright Program to broaden and strengthen mutual understanding between Greece and the United States.

SUSI Location and Program Dates

The University of Montana in Missoula, MT will oversee and administer the three Study of the U.S. Institutes for Secondary Educators under the unifying theme of “Liberty, Equality, and the American Dream.” All three Institutes will examine this topic through a different lens, capitalizing on the resources and culture of each location. The University of Montana (UM) in Missoula, MT will host one Institute for Teachers. The Institute will explore American studies through the lens of democracy and citizenship. The Institute for Training and Development (ITD) in Amherst, Massachusetts will host the second Institute for Teachers. The Institute will explore the ways in which individual rights and social obligations have evolved through American history. California State University at Chico will host the Institute for Administrators. Within the overarching shared theme, the Institute will focus on access and equity in U.S. education and society. All three Institutes will conclude with one-week study tours that end in Washington, D.C.
Program dates will be announced in fall 2019. Applicants will have to take the announced grant periods into consideration for their school leave as possible departure time (usually beginning to mid-June until beginning to mid-July). Applicants cannot select an institution. Final selection of candidates and placement at the Institutes will take place in Washington D.C. by the Branch for the Study of the United States of the U.S. Department of State in March 2020. 

Application procedure

Once submitted, your - English language - application form will be automatically available to the Fulbright Foundation for review. You will receive a confirmation email in the week following your submission.

The Fulbright office in Athens must receive your completed application by Friday, December 6, 2019, including the following documents:

  • Fulbright online application form.
  • Your resume in English (to be uploaded in pdf. format, max 2 MB).
  • Copy of your Bachelor's degree or other degrees earned (to be uploaded in pdf. format, max 2 MB per file) with official English translation. Transcripts are not required.
  • Three letters of reference in sealed envelopes. All three letters should be written in English on the recommender's letterhead and should be mailed in sealed envelopes to the Fulbright Foundation, 6 Vassilissis Sofias , 10674 Athens (attn: Greek Program Coordinator). Alternatively, recommenders can send their letters directly by postal mail or by email to the Fulbright Program Coordinator. Reference letters without letterhead or signature are not accepted nor are reference letters delivered or forwarded by the applicants themselves. All candidates should inform their referees that they will need to provide their letters of reference the latest by December 2, 2019. The letters of reference should be written by professors under whom you have studied or pursued research or by someone who has supervised you in your employment.

Greek Program Coordinator
The Fulbright Foundation
T 210 7241 811/2, ext. 3

Application forms for the 2020-2021 academic year will be made available here from September 24 to December 6, 2019.


Tuesday, September 24, 2019 – Friday, December 6, 2019

September 24 – December 6, 2019

Application period
All applicants must submit a complete package of requested documents

Friday, December 6, 2019 at midnight

Application deadline

December 9 -20, 2019

Evaluation and first selection

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to the Fulbright office

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Notification of results

March 2020


Notification of final selection and placement

May-June 2020

Pre-Departure Orientation
Grantees are invited on an individual basis on the day of their U.S. Embassy visa appointment and interview

June 2021

Attendance is required

 Beginning of June / End of July 2019

Grant implementation period

Beginning of October 2020

Debriefing Session
at the Fulbright Athens office upon completion of the grant

Throughout the year

Outreach and Train the Trainers Programs
Alumni will be invited to outreach programs to support potential candidates and share their experience with other professionals. Programs can take place at any time during the year and announcements will be made in due time.

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