Eleni Katsarou

Eleni Katsarou

University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Clinical Professor Emerita of Curriculum and Instruction in Education
Ph.D., College of Education, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1992

Eleni Katsarou, a Clinical Professor Emerita of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is where she also served as the Director of the Urban Elementary Education program. Dr. Katsarou’s research interests include teacher education in urban contexts, critical perspectives in teacher education, and social justice issues in public schools and local communities. Her work centers on collaborations with teachers and leaders of schools as they jointly attempt to understand what constitutes caring and ethical teaching. At UIC, her work has led to significant changes in teacher preparation, both at UIC and at numerous other programs. A native of Greece, Dr. Katsarou in her award from the J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board, aims to extend her expertise in educating elementary school teacher candidates in urban public schools in the U.S. to Greece, where those teachers face similar struggles. Her goal is to focus in the teacher preparation programs, and bring to the fore particular issues of teacher quality and new professionalism, 21st century skills, abilities and dispositions, and new ways of thinking about bilingual/multilingual and multicultural education, as beginning teachers enter the public school domain. Dr. Katsarou hopes that her proposed work with her University of Patras colleagues, can create a pathway in studying how education policy is formed in Greece, and in understanding how innovation is supported, as well as the ways in which sociopolitical contexts are addressed in public schools.

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