Athanasia ‘Sia’ Kyriakakos

Athanasia ‘Sia’ Kyriakakos

Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School, Baltimore, Maryland
Art Educator in Secondary Education

Athanasia Harilaos Kyriakakos, presently lives and works in Baltimore City, Maryland. Sia is an art educator at the largest school of Baltimore city public schools. She proudly serves the students at Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School. In 2019, between January and June, Sia will by hosted in Athens, Greece. She will be collaborating with Professor Litsa Kourti at the University of Athens. Sia Kyriakakos, is a performance installation artist and a compassionate Art teacher who expects the highest standards from her students. She has taught over 12 years in the public sector in the United States. What she has found through her teaching and creative journey is that the only way to engage students is to “teach them with your heart”.

Inquiry Project: Conversation in Transit

Sia Kyriakakos is interested in starting a conversation about the refugee crisis and how it impacts the children in transit and the students in the host countries. In the United States it is evident that new DACA and ICE policies have destabilised families and impacted education. However, strong relationships and educating the "whole" child start to address the issues of trauma causes by the ruptures of society. Art plays a huge role in the healing process. Ms Kyriakakos is interested in visiting schools, refugee camps, nonprofits, and refugees either by interviewing or even co-teaching. Sia is also interested in seeing how the Greek education system works. She would like to compare it to what she know from the United States in terms of policy and priorities. She is curious to see if there are issues of equity that need to be tackled and what kind of strategies are used to address these needs. She would like to explore the relationships that develop amongst the refugees and the Greeks. One of the outcomes she hopes for, to build relationships herself with the teachers and schools in Greece, in order to create an exchange with U.S. students. I am also interested in working with minority students in Greece and the States to create art that will inform a conversation about instability, change and hope.


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