Panagiotis Liaropoulos

Panagiotis Liaropoulos

Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts
Assistant Professor, Composition
Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition, Boston University, 2001

Panagiotis Liaropoulos is a composer and pianist. He was born in Athens, Greece and since 1997 he resides in Boston, Massachusetts. He holds a Doctoral Degree in Composition from Boston University where he studied with Theodore Antoniou and Lukas Foss. His compositions include music for solo instruments, various ensembles, chorus, and orchestra and his works have been performed and awarded in Europe and the United States. He currently serves as a faculty member in the Composition Department at Berklee College of Music and the Department of Performing Arts at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He is also the founder and music director of the Greek Music Ensemble, a Boston-based collective that focuses on performing Greek art music.

Dr. Liaropoulos has been composing works of several different styles and mediums. By drawing his inspiration and creative ideas from both the Western and the Eastern musical traditions, he has established a compositional style that is based on the dramatic interaction of diverse musical elements deriving from these traditions. This compositional approach led him to the creation of a distinctive musical language founded on the sophisticated integration of Western contemporary compositional theories, techniques and processes with elements drawn from the musical legacy of Greece, Byzantium, the Balkans, and the Eastern Mediterranean, and with principles drawn from the ritualistic character of the ancient Greek drama.

During his term in Greece as a Fulbright fellow (Fall of 2018) he will record, videotape, and digitally archive instrumental and vocal Folk music of the Small Cyclades, a relatively remote seven-island complex in the Aegean Sea, as performed today by at least three different generations of musicians currently living there. The ultimate goal of the project is the creation of an audiovisual archive where highly valuable, unique, folk music field-recordings will be stored and preserved. The audiovisual materials that will be collected are of extraordinary national and international interest and highly important to humanities research, education, and the public interest.

Dr. Liaropoulos will also teach a semester-long course in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The course will focus on the dialectics of a distinctive compositional language, adopted by many Greek composers that belong to the “Greek National School” during the first decades of the 20th century.

Additionally, during his term at the National and Kapodistrian University, he will work on editing the manuscript collection of Giannis Konstantinidis (1903-1984), one of the most important Greek composers of his generation, whose work was immensely inspired by Greek traditional and folk music. The collection of his manuscripts has recently been acquired by the University and is currently in the process of being catalogued and edited.


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