Denise Marie Saint Arnault

Denise Marie Saint Arnault

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, MI
School of Nursing
Department of Health Behavior and Biological Sciences
PhD, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

Denise Saint Arnault, PhD, RN, FAAN is an Associate Professor of Nursing at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor USA. Her research examines cultural factors that interact to influence illness and help seeking, developing a middle range theory and an ethnographic interview methodology, which examines the help-seeking trajectory. Her work has been applied to research on mental and physical illness, homelessness, and trauma recovery. Her work in trauma recovery has focused on trauma recovery and help seeking. Her methods include grounded theory, Feminist Ethnography and Mixed Methods. Her Fulbright Research Global Scholar program is focused on using narrative and survey methods to understand trauma recovery from an international perspective, and she will be working with the Hellenic Mediterranean University Social Work Department in Crete as well as a school of nursing in Brazil.

Denise Saint Arnault, PhD, RN, associate professor from University of Michigan School of nursing in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA will be a Fulbright scholar as part of the US Fulbright Global Scholar program. Her Fulbright is hosted by the Hellenic Mediterranean University Social Work Department in Crete. During her Fulbright research experience, she will carry out a collaborator meeting for the Multicultural Study of Trauma Recovery (MiStory) in cooperation with her Greek collaborators, Dr. Nikoleta Ratsika and Dr. Klieo Koutra from October 2-4, 2019. MiStory in an international research collaboration that aims to understand Gender-Based Violence (GBV) trauma recovery from an international perspective. In addition to Greece, MiStory also includes partners from Ireland, Turkey, Iceland, Romania, Italy, Finland, Israel, Japan and the US. Each country is conducting trauma-informed narrative interviews with GBV survivors, talking to survivors of domestic violence, rape, and childhood physical and sexual abuse. The MiStory project has already interviewed over 120 survivors in 5 countries. Collaborators will also collect survey data so that we can compare trauma recovery for survivors in the 10 countries. Our goals are to advance theory on trauma recovery and help seeking, as well as to create publications, presentations, white papers, policy briefs, service initiatives and conferences that focus on culturally sensitive and trauma informed approaches to promoting help seeking and trauma recovery. In addition to the Collaborator meeting, Dr. Saint Arnault with carry out data analysis with graduate students, present her research on trauma and trauma recovery to students and faculty, and conduct an intensive practitioner training using her innovative Clinical Ethnographic Narrative Interview (CENI). The CENI is the narrative interview used in the MiStory project, however practitioners from social work, nursing, and psychology are using it as a way to gather comprehensive psychosocial data from their clients that is trauma informed, culturally sensitive and rich in detail.


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