Sarah Cornette

Visual Arts Teacher, Mary K. Scroggs Elementary School, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
2018-2019 Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program

Sarah is primarily interested in the questions whether art can create intercultural dialogue and promote cultural diversity, help migrants and refugees integrate into a new culture and solve the problems/conflicts that arise between refugees and migrants in local society. She wonders how artwork of school children and children in refugee camps reflect the hopes, conflicts, and experiences of children on both sides of the issue and may be used to cultivate tolerance and empathy toward the other. She will investigate the manifestation of public art and its relationship with the community.

Sarah Cornette VI

She reports from Xanthi:

Lots going on in Xanthi, a northern town that represents many juxtapositions. Diverse population: ethnic Greeks, Pomaks, and the Roma. Cultural traditions and modern issues like high unemployment and the need to expand industry. I am working with an amazing group of artists and scholars and Greek children to collaboratively create an experiential map of the region, incorporating visual collage with poetry and collected soundscapes. It is so interesting to hear what the children think is important about their town: cultural traditions, especially Carnival!

So beautiful to hear the midday prayers from the mosques here.

Sarah Cornette XI


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