Academic Year 2020-2021 Fulbright Student Program: Artist Residency

Aikaterini Gkoutziouli

Aikaterini Gkoutziouli

Independent Curator and Project Manager
Santa Fe Art Institute, International Thematic Residency, New Mexico
Arts Management / Multimedia and Intermedia

Katerina Gkoutziouli is a curator, researcher and project manager based in Athens, Greece. She holds an MA in Visual Culture from the University of Westminster, London (2009) and a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Athens (2007). Her main research focus is on art and digital culture and its impact on public and networked space exploring issues related to cultural identity, network politics, surveillance in and on the Internet, data-mining and big data. She has worked as a curator, researcher, mentor, cultural consultant and project manager in public institutions and cultural organisations, such as the Athens School of Fine Arts, the Goethe Institute in Athens, the Athens Digital Arts Festival, the Municipality of Athens, the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency, the Benaki Museum, among others. She has curated a variety of exhibitions, workshops and collaborative projects with international artists and curators for different institutions as well as independently. She has also written essays and articles for art publications and online media on issues related to digital art and culture and the regeneration of public spaces through culture. 

As a Fulbright Fellow, Katerina will be visiting the Santa Fe Art Institute to conduct research about the ways artists challenge the digitalised ecosystem we are living in. The focus is on artistic practices and theoretical discourse of new forms of power facilitated by digital technologies that have emerged in recent years at global level, and more specifically in Europe and the U.S. Exploring strategies in contemporary art and visual culture broadly, her research will focus on investigating power articulations and its repercussions in a universe of mega platforms, artificial intelligence, cloud and network infrastructures and services. Exchanging and sharing expertise with the community in the U.S. during her residency, Katerina aims at creating collaborative platforms between Greece and the U.S. towards investigating art and digital culture.


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