Evrydiki Maria Markopoulou

Evrydiki Maria Markopoulou

University of Thessaly, Volos
University of Oregon at Eugene
Institute on Environmental Issues

People tend to describe me as a dreamer and a fighter, as I set targets and do my best in order to achieve them. I believe is very important to have an understanding about the people and the situations that compose our reality, always managing to learn new things and experiencing life in a broad perspective. I love nature and that is why I decided to study Agronomy.

I am looking forward to this SUSI program and hope to learn more about the USA regarding the significant environmental initiatives that have been organized from people with strong engagement to the community. I also expect to meet new people and cooperate with them, as well as to gain more understanding about their reality. As for the future, I seek for knowledge and the experience needed to cope with the upcoming challenges.


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