Stavros Malkidis

Stavros Malkidis

University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki
University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Institute on Social Entrepreneurship

My name is Stavros Malkidis, I was born in Alexandroupolis, and I am undergraduate student in the Economics Department of the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki.
Although the core of my interests is Economics, I am watching closely international trends in Politics, Business & Finance and Culture & Society. I had always been fascinated by participating in international youth programs, interact with like-minded individuals from different civilizations in an establishment of academic excellence, while getting educated in
issues crucial for our complicated era. The Study of US Institutes will give me exactly this opportunity, firstly to understand deeply the functions of enterprises, both academically and practically, but also it will help me immersing myself in an educational system of a country being pioneer in this field and understanding deeper the structure of the society of the United States of America. I feel strongly that an international setting, offered by an academic program as such, is the best
way for me to compliment my academic endeavours, while gaining real life practical experience, something very valuable for my dream in working in an international organization in the future.


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