Sophocles Geroulis

Sophocles Geroulis

Student, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change: Migration, Media & Global Uncertainty
Session SAC10: 17 Jul - 06 Aug, 2016

My name is Sophocles P. Geroulis, from Greece and a large family, studying Journalism and Mass Communication at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, making one of my dreams true. My career ambition is to work as correspondent, as an analyst about the International relations and global security and, finally, to try to transmit my knowledge, probably through an academic career. My research interests include political and military diplomacy, the study of foreign affairs, the examination of the political background of the greatest leaders, as well as the analysis of the peripheral crises. The personal interests vary, from chess, books, and photography, to tennis, canoe and fencing. Each one of them has been chosen for a special reason, but the list is always open. I seek for opportunities as the Salzburg Global Academy, who promotes the common progress, bringing in contact people who feel as citizens of the world, maintaining their unique cultural characteristics. Briefly, I would say that I belong to that category of humans, who strongly believe that they change and improve this world, so I feel very happy that I am going to meet persons with common beliefs and ambitions, in order to make that change a reality.

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