Paola Palavidi

Paola Palavidi

Hypercomf Multidisciplinary Artists Company
Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, New York
Fine Arts / Multimedia

Upon completing studies in FineArt in London, UK, I returned to Greece where I currently live and work, splitting the year between Athens city and Tinos island. My artistic practice evolves both independently and as founding member of the collaborative Hypercomf. As an artist it has always been my personal opinion that art is for the people and not just for art’s sake. My ambition is to immerse and include people of different professions and backgrounds in the artistic process, for them to understand the ways and possibilities of the artistic method, and the resulting artwork to be socially engaging, interactive and informed by different specialisations and actions. The themes throughout my practice are themselves a manifestation of my observations on social behaviour, science and technology as a unifying social mechanism, anthropology and biology. On this visit to the U.S., the research that will be carried out at Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, New York will concern human social structures, urban animal social structures, their intersection and results will manifest through multimedia installations, video and textile technology. The progress will be communicated to Greece through an Internet blog that will remain active after my return to Greece, as the aim is to create a transatlantic link for the exchange of ideas and projects.


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