Spyridon Katsoulas

Spyridon Katsoulas

Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens
Boston University, College of Arts & Sciences, Massachusetts
Diplomatic History

Spyros Katsoulas graduated in 2006 from the Department of International & European Studies at Panteion University of Athens, Greece, and subsequently pursued a Masters degree in War Studies at King’s College of London, UK. In 2007, he was awarded a three-year scholarship for doctoral research in the field of American studies from the Greek State Scholarship Foundation (IKY). In 2012 he obtained his doctorate in International Relations & Strategy from the University of Reading, UK. His supervisor was Professor Colin S. Gray and the title of his thesis was: “The Guardian’s Dilemma: the Role of the United States in Greek-Turkish Relations.” Upon his return to Greece, he became a Research Associate at the Institute of International Relations (IDIS)—where he coordinates the Strategic Culture study group—as well as at the Centre for Mediterranean, Middle East and Islamic Studies (CEMMIS). He is also an associate member of the Academy for Strategic Analyses (ASA), a contributor at the Strategikon journal, and a translator of books on international relations. Since 2015, he has been employed as an Adjunct Lecturer of strategy and international relations at the Hellenic National Defence College. In 2018, he joined the Department of Political Science & International Relations (PSIR) at the University of Peloponnese where he teaches the course of Conflict Resolution. His areas of interest include strategy, geopolitics, and military & diplomatic history.

Spyros Katsoulas will be visiting Boston University, USA, from November 2018 to January 2019 to conduct research, under the supervision of Professor David A. Mayers, on the history of Greek-Turkish relationship through the eyes of the US diplomats. Every time the heated Greek-Turkish relations reached boiling point, ever since the two eastern Mediterranean countries joined NATO in early 1950s, the United States had to intervene to ease tensions between them. At the sharp end of this strenuous effort were the American ambassadors & diplomats in Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus: their stories, experiences and narratives form the basis of his research project. His objective is to present an insiders’ account of the history and intricacies of the triangular relationship and to draw lessons for current and future diplomats and practitioners in the region and even beyond, as well as for scholars and students of international politics.


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