Iris Tryfoni

Iris Tryfoni

University of Piraeus
University of New Hampshire, Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, Durham
Ph.D. in Economics

Iris graduated from the Department of Economics in the University of Piraeus. Has worked for the EY Transaction Advisory Services as a financial analyst for about a year. In pursuing a PhD in Economics, Iris intends to delve deeper in behavioral economics and its aspects by measuring an additional parameter in important econometric models. These more effective econometric models can be pursued by Greece (as part of various case studies) in order to create a fertile ground for the economy to grow and overcome the difficulties all Greeks have been facing during the last ten years. During the next five years she will pursue a research oriented PhD degree at the University of New Hampshire. Her goal is to complement her analytical skills with a deeper understanding of the human behavior when making economic decisions. Given the UNH's Paul College of Business and Economics offers two of the US nation's most distinctive graduate programs, she sees this program as her next step towards this goal. Her research interests had for long revolved around human behavior. After her graduation, Iris is determined to contribute professionally to the development of economy in Greece.


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