Ilianna Anagnostakou

Ilianna Anagnostakou

Ilianna Anagnostakou is a Greek language teacher serving state secondary education in Athens, Greece, and although her specialisation is in Ancient Greek and Latin Literature, she has been active in combining “traditional” disciplines with new teaching methods (teaching history through educational robotics, use of ICT in the classroom, “Creative Activities with the use of Drama in Education”). Her focus is on student-centered learning methods that help students develop hard and soft skills in an experiential way. Her professional abilities, regarding innovative teaching methods, are upgraded through her participation in numerous European training events in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. She is the coordinator of small and large-scale Erasmus+ programmes being implemented in her school helping, thus, students, teachers and European educational organisations foster their profiles and professional networks. Her goal, as a Fulbright grantee, is to acquire expertise on a cooperative learning method that addresses the needs of pupils with learning disabilities.  


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