Maria Barouta

Maria Barouta

Maria Barouta (1987) is a primary school teacher and musician. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Pedagogy from the Department of Primary Education of Democritus University of Thrace, a Master’s degree in School Psychology (DEA) from “Tor Vergata” University of Rome and an MA degree in “Science of Translation” from the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of Ionian University, Corfu. She has implemented many innovative school programs, is a Teacher4Europe since 2014 and participated in ESA’s Summer Teacher Workshop 2015, a teacher-training program about applying space science in primary education. Recently, she was selected to participate in CERN’s “Playing with Protons 2020” Program in Geneva. She has many publications in educational journals and conferences and has completed multiple certificate and professional training programs on new technologies in education, digital storytelling using web tools, environmental issues, lesson and project planning, special education and innovative ways in order to apply multiple intelligence's theory through arts and sciences in primary education. She also holds a piano and fugue degree with excellence. Her interests include literature, cinema, dancing and travelling.

As a Fulbright Scholar she aims to develop her teaching skills on STEAM education and exchange innovative practices about applying space science and modern physics in primary education through art and new technologies. Her long-term goal is to create innovative material for teaching sciences in a creative way and within a scientific framework through workshops, projects and cooperation with other greek and international educational organizations. Last but not least she wishes to inspire her students towards this direction, transmit the new knowledge to the local community and encourage her colleagues to engage effectively.


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