Achillefs Ntellis

Achillefs Ntellis

First Experimental Unified Lyceum of Athens "Gennadio"
Institute for Training and Development, Amherst, Massachusetts
Teachers Institute on Individual Rights and Social Obligations

Dr. Achilleas Ntellis is Philologist at 1st Experimental Lyceum of Athens–Gennadeio. He holds a Ph.D in Film Studies from the University of the Aegean, Postgraduate Diploma from Glasgow University and B.A. in Classics from the University of Athens. His main focus is the dialogue between students and (literary) texts/historical periods (ancient vs past) from a aural, visual and written point of view. He is member of a committee appointed by the Institution of Education Policy in order to redesign the curriculum of Literature, starting in the academic year 2019-2020.

He believes that there is special cultural connection between the U.S.A. and Greece. The foundation of U.S.A. goes back to Ancient Athens. The American Democracy and its mechanisms of equilibrium (checks and balances) reminds the structure of Ancient Athens.Therefore he hopes that the program “Liberty, Equality and the American Dream” at the Institute for Training and Development in Amherst, Massachusetts will enhance his knowledge on U.S.A. civilisation (education, society, anthropology). After the program, he aspires to transmit the experiences he will gain to the students through History, Literature and Film Club lessons.


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