Marina Milidou

Marina Milidou

Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens
Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Master of Education in Counseling Psychology

Milidou Marina holds a Master of Science in Clinical Neuropsychology from the University of Basel in Switzerland.

During her master studies, she had a lot of opportunities to become involved in conceptualizing, authoring articles and completing research for psychological interventions, „AIT (Adolescent Identity Treatment) for Personality Disorders“, “Memory Training for Alzheimer”, „Sleep Disorders“, „Functional Neuroimaging of Emotional Memory“ as well as “ACT Therapy for Burnout”; all conducted in various academic and clinical settings in Switzerland.

Her initial studies of psychology have found place in the Panteion University of Athens, while she also voluntarily worked as psychology trainee for several psychosocial institutions, such as: Dafni Psychiatric Hospital of Athens, the national „Depression Helpline“ supported by the EPIPSI-Antistigma and last but not least „S.O.P.S.Y“; a non-profit organization, founded by relatives of people with psychiatric symptoms and psychosocial problems.

During the next two years she will pursue a practice oriented master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Temple University of Philadelphia, because she aspires to gain a thorough knowledge base of counseling and applied psychology, as well as learn to tailor individual treatment planning for person-centered care.

After the completion of her studies at the United States, she plans to return to Athens and work as a clinical psychotherapist, while also coordinate a hellenic psychologists‘ association, in order to enhance the eligibility accreditation in her home country Greece.


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