Pavlos Gkinis

Pavlos Gkinis

National Technical University of Athens
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland
Chemical Engineering

Pavlos Gkinis is a PhD candidate in the School of Chemical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He holds a Diploma in Chemical Engineering from NTUA. His current research includes the Computational Fluid Dynamics studies of industrial and experimental Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) reactors combined with Reduced Order Modeling (ROM) and manifold learning methodologies for the design, control and optimization of the processes. During his PhD research he developed a computational framework for the model order reduction of CVD process models, reducing the computational cost required for their extensive studies and creating tools that predict the quality of the final product. His current plans are based around the implementation of nonlinear manifold learning methods, especially Diffusion Maps, to the existing computational framework, thus making it more reliable for nonlinear problems and reducing even more the computational cost. The latter is the subject of the research, within the Fulbright Grant, taking place at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, under the supervision of Prof. Yannis Kevrekidis. Finally, with the completion of his PhD thesis, Pavlos will pursue a lifelong career in research, either in the industry or in academia focusing around data science, machine/manifold learning techniques and model predictive control and optimization of processes.


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