Eirini Pougounia

Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
2020 Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program for International Teachers

I must admit: I burst into tears when leaving Indiana as I had to say goodbye to some awesome teachers from Botswana, India, Indonesia, Israel, Morocco, New Zealand, Philippines, Senegal, Taiwan, Uganda. With those people I shared the same roof, the same school bus, classes, seminars, workshops, conferences, visits, excursions, events, thoughts, feelings. I left IUP, its wonderful people and its scholars; I was leaving IASD, Indiana Senior High School, my partner teacher, our assistant student and all our Literature 12 graders. For 7 weeks I was hosted in their class where I was offered and I gave in return knowledge and experience. I felt I was abandoning my friendship family without being able to express them my gratitude for all the concerts we attended together, for all the meals and our long conversations. I was crying as I got so related to all those people for two and a half months. I was leaving with a pain deep in my heart knowing that my Fulbright journey lasted for such a short period of time and ended that abruptly. Last, I would like to thank the Fulbright Foundation for the honor to select me as grantee and IREX for organizing every detail of my stay in USA. During the program I had the best experience of my life. Those memories will be treasured deep in my heart. Thank you.



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