Paola Palavidi

Fine Arts and Multimedia, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, New York
2019-2019 Fulbright Artist

The artist, together with fellow Hypercomf team member Ioannis Koliopoulos, launched an online free association archival artwork called Polycelium during her grant period in New York. Polycelium documents the urban ecosystem and the interaction between humans, as the landscapers of this anthropocentric environment, and the other life forms and individual organisms it hosts.  Earth is becoming more and more urbanised and the human population is expanding and condensing in cities. This process causes the development of new types of ecosystems, shaped by urbanophile organisms and a human perspective on what nature ideally does, whom it serves and what it looks like.

The archive begins with the city of New York and will keep being informed as a work in continuous progress, inviting collaborations with local and online contributors who exhibit a strong study of or interaction with their local urban natural.




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