Athina Vrettou

Administrators Institute at California State University, Chico
2019 Fulbright SUSI participant

The group of the educators was composed of experienced, well-rounded teacher trainers, inspectors, curriculum developers and education ministry officials eager to broaden their perspectives with new knowledge and comprehension of the US education and culture as well exchange information and experiences from their own countries. The theme of the institute was “Exploring Access and Equity in US Education and Society.”

Being from the Philippines, India and Indonesia to Georgia, South Africa, Argentina and Costa Rica, the educators attended a number of lectures, presentations and workshops in Chico about access and equity issues in US education, challenges facing minority groups regarding their life and education, inclusive education strategies and civic engagement. Very interesting were the visits to a Community College, middle and high schools and a private university, seasoned with the visits to the CA and US Departments of Education and the CA and US Capitols. Visits to the Farmers’ Market in Chico, trips to Sacramento, Muir Woods, San Francisco or Mount Lassen Volcanic National Park unfolded everyday life, the culture, the history and the beauty of the United States and its people while the visit to Ability First Sports’ annual summer camp in Chico for physically disabled kids showed that the sky’s the limit for the human potential. During the last week of the program the group traveled to Chicago and Washington, DC, their final destination.



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