Alexandros Zografos

Organic Chemistry, Stanford University, California
2018-2019 Fulbright Visiting Scholar

My sabbatical at Stanford University was the smoothest so far stay that I had abroad! The hospitality from the host institution was excellent and allowed me to focus on my sabbatical purpose, which was to establish new collaborations and build new ideas on my ongoing research. Although, the proposed research was scheduled to involve the development of new asymmetric halogenation reactions based on activated sulfoxides, several other ideas have been developed from ongoing projects of the hosting laboratory. The experience of sharing my knowledge with several graduate students while developing their projects, allowed me to telescope existing research problems in my group and provide solutions. I am back with more ideas and knowledge to share! Is there something better to expect from a sabbatical stay?

Besides that, during my stay I had the opportunity to build new collaborations as part of my lecture tour across California (Stanford University, The Scripps Research Institute, Berkeley University). Several working meetings had been scheduled with some of the most prestigious Professors in my field, leading to already ongoing collaborations. Based on these actions, a joint proposal will be submitted soon on a novel biomimetic protocol for the efficient production of biological relevant chemical libraries.

Apart from the scientific part, Fulbright fellowship, kept my parallel project, of building a technological start-up, warm. Stanford University provided the ideal environment for mentorship on how a difficult task like this can be handled. Contacts with venture capitals across Silicon Valley, resulted in promising partnerships for the future!

I have the privilege to be part of this big family, the family of Fulbright! That’s how I felt from the very first moment… I look forward to the future…

Thank you Fulbright!



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