Theano Pyrovolisianou

Social Services and NGO Administration, Phoenix, Arizona
2019 Building Bridges Program participant

Regarding my experience in Arizona, I would like to comment first of all that it was a unique experience. I was placed to work in a daily center for LGBTIQ+ youth. This center was open from 12 to 8, for the employees and from 4 to 8 for the youth. The beneficiaries had the opportunity to socialize, use the computers, play video games, learn an instrument (there was a room full of instruments). During the afternoon, usually from 6:00, there were specialized groups, with different focus groups. For example, there were groups focusing on employability, sexual health, theater/improv or making candies for Halloween! The most important aspect of those groups was to create a safe space, something that was being succeed by using different techniques. It was a good practice, which gave me ideas for my work. However, there was no social worker there, so I could not really depth into the social work-related issues. In addition, except from the groups, I did not have an actual role. I would like to have an employee to guide me more and give me more space to involve more actively. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to connect with different services, such as the HIV Community Health Center/ McDowell Clinique and the Phoenix Pride. My connection with the Phoenix Pride led to a volunteer opportunity with IGRA (International Gay Rodeo Association), a very fun experience!



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