Ira Kaliampetsos

Culture, Arts and Society - Session 614: What Future for Cultural Heritage? Perceptions, Problematics, and Potential
2019 Salzburg Global Seminar participant

Overview of the session:

In today’s volatile world, links to the past and to place are becoming more tenuous and contested, and threats to cultural heritage – both tangible and intangible – are extremely socially and politically difficult to counter. It is a critical moment to ask what cultural heritage actually means to different people and regions, especially in the digital era, and why it is more important than ever to preserve, enhance and share cultural heritage through all available means.

Due to my professional background, my main topic of interest is the protection of cultural heritage – from the legal, political and social point of view.

Even before attending this very inspiring and perfectly organized seminar, my approach to cultural heritage and its protection was a global one. Only globally and by interlinking with all aspects of society can we ensure satisfying protection of humankind’s cultural heritage.

Through this seminar and through discussions with my co-fellows, all experts from different fields, I definitely broadened and deepened this idea by seeing aspects that I had not seen before (like the impact of migration on cultural heritage or the place of “knowledge” in cultural heritage). Very interesting was also the encounter with fellow experts who focus in their work on how indigenous populations confront questions of cultural heritage, e.g. Inuits and Dakota people.

The Seminar was extraordinary well organized; participants were warmly received which gave us from the first day a feeling of belonging to the group.
Having said this I wonder whether some narrowing down of the subjects could have led to more tangible results.


Photo credit: Salzburg Global Seminar/Herman Seidl


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