Katerina Zafeiri

Katerina Zafeiri


American Studies - Session S765-01: Democracy on the Front Lines: Polarization, Culture and Resilience in America and the World

The SGS America Studies program exceeded my expectations. It was especially effective in helping me advance my knowledge and understanding of American Studies, the future of American culture, and the impact that America has had and will continue to have on other cultures, including Greek culture.

What I personally saw is that increased collaborative and interpersonal knowledge exchange and open dialogues are crucial for enhancing our capacity to collaborate and exchange ideas for a better future. Connecting American Studies and democracy to politics, education, culture, migration and so much more, and culminating in meaningful and honest discussion and action, makes the SGS American Studies program a brilliant forum and a life-changing experience.

The program helped me think about new initiatives or areas of work inspired by the proposals and discussions. Brainstorming in table discussions and group work with bright professionals - practitioners, scholars and activists - from diverse backgrounds was extremely beneficial and enlightening. It was stimulating to learn more about the field of American studies and how it fosters interdisciplinarity and pluralism, resulting in dynamic relationships between various groups of people.

The program created a safe space for everyone to express their thoughts, exchange knowledge, and listen to each other's experiences and ideas on complex topics. The program also ensures ongoing follow-up engagement through a number of discussed collaborations, op-eds reviews and publications as well as through the Mobilize platform. It is a highly inclusive program which promotes equity and is open to different perspectives and backgrounds.

Ι highly recommend the Salzburg Global American Studies Program to program to professionals, practitioners, activists, academics who are interested in understanding America’s changing role in the world. I will definitely cherish this experience and I intend to be an active member of the SGS. Above all, I am grateful to Fulbright Greece and the Salzburg Global Seminar for their generous support and for facilitating the experience.