Alan Beretta

Michigan State University, Linguistics
2010-2011 U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program

“...I was already something of a philhellene before my Fulbright because of experiences with Greece in the 1970s (teaching English, working construction). But the Fulbright provided me with an opportunity to reawaken old cultural interests and gain a deeper appreciation of the Greek people and their traditions. My particular cultural interest was in rebetika music and I spent a lot of time enjoying quite brilliant performances...”

“...Professionally, I have also made similar connections. I would say that my host professor and her team were great to work with and were personally extremely welcoming. Our collaboration continues and we are very excited by the work we have done already and even more so by the work we have planned. Several of the team have become good friends as well, so it makes it very easy to continue the work even though we are no longer

in the same place. Several other possible collaborations are being mooted with professors in other parts of Greece.

Finally, my relations with the Fulbright office in Athens were excellent. They were professionally and personally fantastic, and I would love to do anything I possibly can to further the cause of Fulbright Greece...”


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