Maria Elena Kuntz

Loyola University of Chicago, International Relations
2006-2007 U.S. Fulbright Student Program

“...My research project included a combination of fieldwork with Doctors of the World Greece including volunteering at the open clinic and as a regular member of the domestic mission to bring immunizations to several roma communities. At the end of the year I was asked by the director of the organization to write an analytical report with my findings and suggestions for improving the organization and operation of the clinic. We discussed this over email and several meetings and a number of my suggestions were scheduled for implementation or further discussion between staff members and the board of directors. At the base of my research of course was hard research including finding primary source and secondary source information and research in regards to Greek and European immigration policies. I was able to obtain new research and stay abreast of new trends in the field by attending 7 academic and professional conferences held by various institutes and universities in Athens and Brussels.

Adequacy is difficult to measure in ethnographic work within a new field where I was repeatedly told that my work was important because so few people are engaged in serious research concerning immigrants and their rights. I think it is natural to doubt oneself during the course of the project, however looking back I realize how much information I synthesized the quality of what I learned. In nine months I advanced from having some inklings and very general ideas to being able to lead conversations and present work at a conference held by the National School of Public Health. As a B.A. with no graduate studies and no university program in Athens I believe my accomplishments are invaluable to my continued education and career endeavors...”


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