Michelle Elligott

MOMA – Museum of Modern Art, Art History/Curating
2005-2006 U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program

“...The experience was invaluable professionally, as it taught me a lot about how different museums manage similar concerns. Also, it was critical to gain an insight into a modern and contemporary art scene that is completely different from the one I know and virtually inaccessible to someone living in New York. Finally, it was gratifying to meet colleagues who share the same concerns, passions (and even standards!) relating to the preservation and maintenance of art archives...”

“...Personally, the experience was terribly rewarding as I found that I really appreciated the culture of the people and the way of life in Greece...”

“...I think programs such as the Fulbright are critical to fostering a sense of common understanding, which is a necessary precursor for peace. Also, this experience really helped me to better understand major issues of importance to Americans, but to experience them from a different perspective...”


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