Richard Allen Katula

Northeastern University, Communication Studies
2003-2004 US Fulbright Scholar Program

“...The entire process was a model of efficiency and professionalism. I cannot imagine working with a more competent group of people from Washington to Athens to Thessaloniki...”

“...I loved my time in Greece, am sad to see it end, and owe much of the success of this experience to Artemis, Nick, Evangelos, and Cynthia...”

“...One learns in life to count on others; this lesson has been positively reinforced for me at every turn. Unfortunately, I must now return home, but with a lifetime’s worth of memories of Greece...”

“...As a part of this experience, Fulbright Scholars are expected to be ambassadors of good will. I took that clause seriously. I visited as much of Greece as I could, meeting Greek citizens from every corner of the country, and engaging with them about Greek and American life. I read many books about Greece, including Eleni and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin to learn more about Greek history, especially the devastating civil war that followed World War II. These years still effect Greek culture, and I feel much more aware of the Greek view of the world as a result of so much reading. I attended art exhibits, concerts, luncheons, presentations by colleagues, and musical events. In every way I could, I inhaled Greek culture.

I also tried to interact with Greek citizens in a way that would show America at its best. I tried to speak Greek as often as I could; I ate at local tavernas in my neighborhood and met local people; I listened to Greek complaints about America but did not try to justify or argue; I tried to express my appreciation for Greek culture in every way possible. Sometimes, offering someone a seat on a bus, or telling a student she can be a success, or trying to read a newspaper in Greek rather than English, does more to spread good will than a public lecture. This is not to say that I always succeeded, but just that I tried to be a respectful visitor to Greece.”


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